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The latest articles from Inbound Logistics magazine.
  1. This story examines three big paradigm shifts that are likely to occur in supply chains in the coming years: technologies to promote greater transformation efficiency; supply chains optimized for sustainability; and the digitized supply chain.
  2. General Patton would survey the e-commerce battlefield where Walmart competes and conduct a threat assessment of every major competitor, especially Amazon.
  3. Cross-industry supply chain models and innovative ways of monetizing assets help shippers and logistics providers drive efficiencies
  4. Give yourself an excuse to stay inside and open up a book you've been meaning to read. These titles will help you catch up on the latest deep dives into the world of logistics.
  5. From establishing secondary suppliers to setting up alternative routes, here’s a look at how Plan B strategies can keep you up and running even during extreme weather events.
  6. E-commerce growth and warehouse labor shortages create the perfect storm for online retailers. Undaunted, companies face these challenges with ongoing technology, equipment, and warehouse space innovations.
  7. Smaller ports can often save time, lower costs, and provide superior customer service. Here are seven hidden advantages offered by ports that are off the beaten water path.
  8. The clearer your RFP, the easier it will be for 3PLs to understand your requirements and provide you with the information you need to make an informed selection.

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