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Peter Somers, CEO-owner of SPRINTPACK NV and former board member of bpost, invests in PLUS LOGISTICS, a Belgian company specialised in B2B and B2C logistics. With this investment SPRINTPACK strengthens its service offering towards the Belgian and international eCommerce market.

Plus Logistics (formerly Libridis NV) was founded in 1986 as a unit owned by the Dutch Libridis Group BV. Libridis NV was a wholesaler and logistics services company for bookshops in the Netherlands and Belgium. The name Plus Logistics originated with a Management buy out of the Belgian unit by the former operational Director Hans Scherlippens in 2011. This buy out had been initiated as part of a strategic re-orienation within the Libridis BV group. Plus Logistics has been operating independantly since 2011 and has also diversified to other B2B and B2C market sectors.

As a result of the sharp decrease in its domestic bookmarket, the Dutch Libridis Groep, had to liquidate in 2012.  This receivorship translated into a loss of the most important client for Plus Logistics causing serious pressure on the company’s revenue and margin. The resulting cashflow position of the company caused a debt mediation for Plus Logistics commencing in May 2015. The subsequently proposed restructering plan was approved by the remaining creditors at the end of October as a foundation for a healthy re-start with sufficient potential and promise which further substantiated the capital injection by Peter Somers.

The present B2B and B2C offering by Plus Logistics is oriented to delivering a complete package of eCommerce logistics services. Aside from the book market, these services have been implemented for clothing brands like Terre Bleue, Sarah Pacini, Xandres, Hampton Bays, Gigue and famous other brands like Jules Destrooper.  

Seen these success stories in the eCommerce sector, the company shall maintain a focus on logistics services under the new company name, SprintPack Logistics NV.  This new name links to SprintPack NV and therefore becomes a true ‘end to end’ service for the eCommerce sector.

The company has 7.500m2 of logistics space in Sint-Niklaas, counts 25 full time employees and has realised a revenue of 1,8 Million EUROS in 2014. SprintPack Logistics NV shall remain under the leadership of the present director Hans Scherlippens.

SprintPack NV, launched by Peter Somers in September 2015 with offices in Belgium and China, delivers eCommerce solutions such as qualitative and efficient routing of parcel delivery in the BeNeLux and worldwide, 3PL activities like storage, pick&pack and setting up web shops. These components are also proposed in a completely integrated ‘One-stop-shop eCommerce solution’, which is unique on the Belgian market.

Peter Somers: ‘I am convinced that the present know-how, quality and experience of Plus Logistics in eCommerce fulfilment provides an additional means to the service proposition of SprintPack to provide web shops an excellent and wide array of logistics solutions. For eCommerce start-ups, retailers, e-tailers and FMCG-companies we can truly provide state-of-the-art fulfilment solutions combined with our unique one-label parcel distribution solution to the entire world’.

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