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The latest articles from Inbound Logistics magazine.
  1. This story looks at some of the trends and challenges associated with e-commerce today, and strategies for dealing with those challenges, through the eyes of one small retailer, one medium-sized and one large.
  2. Getting a distribution center in shape for a high-volume holiday or seasonal period requires advance planning to make sure all systems work, the facility is properly staffed, and temporary workers are properly trained. Inbound Logistics asked the experts for their holiday preparation advice; they provided these seven commandments that will light the way.
  3. Sustainable packaging helps shippers’ bottom line and brand as well as being easier on the environment.
  4. Opportunities that will make a difference in reverse logistics programs, and establishing goals for returns programs.
  5. Florida's state-of-the-art seaports and airports, and strong highway and rail networks, have helped establish a strong and growing logistics sector.
  6. James Welch, CEO of YRC Worldwide, discusses his leadership philosophy.
  7. Chris Ward, vice president of supply chain with Church’s Chicken, focuses on delivering the right products at the right cost.
  8. To prepare for the holiday rush, apparel retailer MeUndies is adopting a more automated, efficient system to provide better tracking, quality control, and more efficient labor usage.
  9. New technologies, consumer demands, and the rise of the mobile workforce are shifting the business landscape quickly, and specialized workers in supply chain and logistics are more valuable than ever. Use these tips to plan and attract the industry’s future leaders.
  10. Whether your company is a manufacturer, retailer, distributor, or in e-commerce, the future is happening now, automagically. IL publisher Keith Biondo explores IoT and the Internet of Everything.

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